Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nokia N900

Nokia have announced their first ever Linux-based mobile phone.

See the video below for more details.

This looks like it's going to be a step forward for mobile handsets. While Apple's irritating adverts claim such great advances as mobile internet, GPS, text messaging (well, maybe not text messaging) etc, Nokia's new device looks like it's going to blow rivals away.

What's really impressive about this phone is the spec: a 600mhz processor, 256mb of onboard RAM and 768mb of virtual memory.

You will be able to update the phone directly via OTA upgrading, meaning less reliance on the still irritating Nokia PC Suite. Battery life is likely to be comparable to the Blackberry Storm.

This looks like it will be an awesome handset for business users and people who don't want to lug around an eee or equivalent.


Zachary Colbert said...

So if its Linux based anyone with technical know how will be able to create their own apps and mods and basically create a completely new and original mobile phone?

briyan said...

i like this,N900

Finn said...

The Nokia N900 is a classic.