Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Into the ether once more...

It's always hard to know where to start with a blog! They say all novels have a start, a middle and an end, whereas (good) blogs just go on and on...

I have ventured into the world of blogging once before, when I kept a number of blogs relating to diffferent aspects of my life and interests. That experiment didn't end too well with the men in white coats almost coming to take me away (ha ha hee hee). The moral of that particular story was that blogs are very much a matter of quality over quantity, and that is what I shall aim for with this blog.

The internet is great for technology news, and this blog should help to collate new information as it comes in. I'm personally a big mobile phone fan so expect to hear plenty about those little beauties. Aside from that, I love music and the various applications of technology in modern production and playback (despite around 80% of my music collection being on vinyl!).

I'd love to hear any comments you have, but you should probably wait until I say something interesting before you start with all that.

Oh well, until next time.

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